Discover L'amico Charly

The non-profit organization L'amico Charly, which was founded in Milan in 2001 following the tragic and untimely death of 16-year-old Charly Colombo, specializes in the prevention of juvenile malaise through projects aimed to educate, train, assist and support adolescents in collaboration with governmental institutions, schools and families.

Thanks to the help of a team of psychologists and experts, L'amico Charly aids in the prevention and handling of high-risk situations, taking on the responsibility of helping teenagers who have attempted suicide. The intervention is aimed at the healthy growth of youth during the most problematic phases of life's journey, namely adolescence, complete with personal crises that can, at times, give rise to self-destructive behavior.

L'amico Charly has an integrated approach with young people, families and schools, aware that every form of discomfort can be included only within meaningful relationships of the young individuals and collaborates with institutions to offer special projects for adolescents.

Since the very beginning, the organization has always given priority to its mission to help young people who have attempted suicide through the creation and financing of its Crisis Center. The organization has also specialized in a vast array of offerings for troubled youth, communicating with the primary educational authorities, namely schools and families. It has worked long and hard on improving internal governance, uniting governmental institutions and creating a networking system among institutions, public authorities and non-profit organizations.

The actions are divided into three distinct, but related, parts: primary prevention which deals with the anticipation of situations at risk, secondary prevention which handles those situations already at risk and tertiary prevention which treats those young individuals who have attempted suicide.

Following the founding of the Charly Colombo Foundation, thanks to the competent collaboration of a high-level scientific committee and to the opening of centers in other regions of Italy, L'amico Charly is becoming a resource at the disposition of society, committed to managing the different problems of juvenile discomfort/unease, with the scope of cooperating in the endeavor to give a sense of citizenship to the youths themselves.